What Does It Take To Drive Transformational Change?

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In an era of disruption, the only viable strategy is to adapt. That’s why the most important challenge for leaders today is to drive and sustain change. Yet research from McKinsey suggests that three quarters of organizational transformations fail. Getting people to embrace change is never easy.

The truth is that any idea for change, if it is important and has real potential for impact, is bound to encounter resistance. There will always be some who will hate it and they will work to undermine it in ways that are often dishonest, underhanded and deceptive. That must be a primary design constraint for any program that hopes to make a real difference.

This workshop will help you succeed where so many others fail. It will show you how to identify obstacles early on and build strategies to overcome them. Based on the bestselling book, Cascades, it leverages decades of research into social and political movements and applies battle-tested principles to organizational transformation.

If you are seeking to drive transformational change in your organization, your industry, your community or society as a whole and want to set up a free consultation call, get in touch at innovate (at) digitaltonto (dot) com

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